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Party Like it's 1989!

Get back to the 80's with an awesome eighties party.

This lens everything 1980's from top party tunes to funky retro fashion and memorable 80's movies that will take you back to the decade of feathered hair, hefty shoulder pads, legwarmers and splashes of neon and pastel colors.

Join our party or throw your own with 1980s T-Shirts, Girls and Guys Eighties Fashions, Mix Tape Ideas and Voting Booths to rank your favorite 80s pop culture music, music and movies. 

Get the Right 80s Music for Your Party!

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michael jackson thriller
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michael jackson thriller

Top Hits of the 80s

The eighties artists who topped the charts!

These megastars of the eighties ruled the airwaves and MTV with platinum and gold rock and pop albums. Get your party started right with songs from these red hot stars!

Pat Benatar, Billy Idol, Guns N Roses, Robert Palmer, The Police, Bananarama, The Go-Go's, Dire Straits, Duran Duran, Van Halen, Foreigner, Phil Collins, Wang Chung, Tears for Fears, Heart, Juice Newton, The Eurythmics, Def Leppard, Bryan Adams, Queen, U2, Madonna, Cyndi Lauper, Tina Turner, Bruce Springsteen, John Mellencamp, Olivia Newton-John, Prince, Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Whitney Houston, Beastie Boys, Bon Jovi

(Links go to artist profiles on Wikipedia)

Awesome 80s Party Music

Creating the ultimate eighties playlist.

Keep your party bumping with the top good time 80s party hits from megabands to one hit wonders. A good eighties mix will keep people dancing with different genres from pop tunes to alternative to club classics and bumpin' old school hip hop.

Here are some ideas to get you started!

80s Pop Classics and One Hit Wonders

Prince - Raspberry Beret

A-Ha - Take On Me

Madonna - Like A Virgin

Billy Idol - Rebel Yell

Michael Jackson - Billie Jean

The Police - Every Breath You Take

Eurythmics - Sex Crime 1984

Duran Duran - Hungry Like the Wolf

Blondie - Rapture

Tiffany - I Think We're Alone Now

Thomas Dolby - Blinded Me With Science

Nena - 99 Red Balloons

The Go Go's - We Got the Beat

Bruce Springsteen - Dancing in the Dark

Hall and Oats - You Make My Dreams

80s Alternative

The Cure - Boys Don't Cry

Jesus and Mary Chain - Just Like Honey

English Beat - Mirror in the Bathroom

The Smiths - The Queen is Dead

The Clash - Train in Vain

Fine Young Cannibals - Suspicious Minds

Depeche Mode - Just Can't Get Enough

Yello - Oh Yeah

The The - Perfect

New Order - Bizarre Love Triangle

Frankie Goes to Hollywood - Two Tribes

The Ramones - Rock and Roll Radio

Yaz - Situation

80s Hip Hop Jams

Tribe Called Quest - Can I Kick It?

Beastie Boys - Fight for Your Right to Party

Salt n Pepa - Let's Talk About Sex

Rob Base and DJ EZ Rock - It Takes Two

Run DMC - It's Tricky

EPMD - Strictly Business

Slick Rick - Children's Story

Public Enemy - 911 is Joke

Tone Loc - Funky Cold Medina

Biz Markie - Just a Friend

Eric B and Rakim - Paid in Full

80s Mix Compilation CDs and MP3 - All the Party Music You Need

Great music is of course the most important element to an epic 80s party so be sure to have lots of peoples favorite songs available. Try to cover some different genres with pop, dance, alternative and rock. These compilations will get any 80s party rocking with their mix of the best 80s hits from the biggest stars and one hit wonders.

1980s Keyboard Solo Medley

Listen to this jam and try to spot each classic eighties synth riff!

1980s Fashion for Men

If you wanna party 80s you gotta look 80s so here are some stylish retro dress ideas for the guys.

Check the pics below for some eighties fashion inspiration!

1980s Fashion for Guys - The Rocker

Questionable Men's Stye of the 80s

If you wanna party 80s you gotta look 80s so here are some ideas for the guys. There are a number of ways you can approach this - rocker, prep and Miami Vice are always stylin' or maybe you are more the alternative pop star or punk rocker type. Check the pics below for some inspiration!

Rocker Looks:

I'm not sure what happened to rocker's in the eighties, bands like Motley Crue and Poison were all talkin' tough and wearing leather but accessorized with makeup, crimped hair and neon spandex pants. These bands knew how to party and so will you in your silk shirt or vest with no shirt open to show off the necklaces, spandex pants or tight black jeans, big shades, headband and poofy hair. A tacky temporary tattoo is a nice detail.

Heavy 80s Rocker Gear - Rock and Roll Costume Ideas

Miami Vice

Casual 80s style for guys.

With the classic 80s Miami Vice look you can go uptown or downtown with the laid back Sonny Crocket look or Tubbs' pimpin city style.

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If you want to be Don Johnson think pastels and white - go for a deconstructed jacket with shoulder pads, light cotton pleated pants and a summery tee in a pastel color, don't forget the Rayban wayfarers. Shoes should be light canvas or mesh and no sock necessary!

For a dressier Ricardo "Rico" Tubbs look think shiny silver suits, top buttoned silk shirts, colored dress shirts with a white collar, shiny silk ties, a nice watch, pimpin' flat dress shoes with pointy toes and a nice Miami beach tan.

There are a number of ways guys can attain their ultimate 80s look - top styles include rocker, prep and Miami Vice which are all cool or maybe you are more the alternative pop star or punk rocker type.

Dig out the Lacoste, Polo and Members Only for a preppy 80s guy look. Think mixed doubles tennis matches with pastel golf shirts, bright tennis sweaters, tan chinos or tapered white levis, tennis shorts and wrist bands or a conservative blue blazer with school tie. Don't forget to pop your collar!

Vintage Lacoste from eBay - Designer retro 80s fashion.

Can't go wrong with cheery black and white for a brooding alternative eighties look like The Cure or Depeche Mode. White shirts buttoned up to the top or dark t-shirts with retro prints, black jackets, doc martens, lots of hairspray, berets and fetish gear always make for a good time. Dont forget the eyeliner/guyliner!


If there is simple a fashion statement that represents the eighties like no other then it has to be Frankie Say Relax. This funky design exploded on the streets following the success of new wave band Frankie Goes to Hollywood's 1984 controversial single "Relax".

Retro Eighties Breakdancing Vids

Rad 80s Shades

1980's Retro Quality Wayfarer Sunglasses
1980's Retro Quality Wayfarer Sunglasses

These retro shades are instant 80s cool and 100% UV 400 Protection


More Mixtape Apparel styles available.

Do You Love the 80s?

80s Family
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80s Family

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1980s Fashion for Girls

Everyone's a Pop Star! Streetwise Madonna wannabees, preppy beach girls and downtown power dressers were all sporting colorful gaudy styles in the eighties.

80s Rocker Chicks and Valley Girls were listening to Van Halen and Madonna and rocking some fun colorful styles just like rock stars. Try a cut off short jean skirt, bright colored tights with black fishnet over them and leg warmers over that. For shoes it's more colors with high top converses or vintage sneakers like LA Gear or Rebok.

For a more Bon Jovi style get a pair of western boots with tassels and ripped acid washed jeans. Don't forget to blowdry the front of your hair as high up as possible!

Eighties accessories for girls include lace gloves like Madonna, lots of jelly bracelets, large hair bows, sweatbands, blue eye shadow and off to the side pony tails.

Get The Eighties Lady Look on eBay

80s Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Belt that long t-shirt, slip on some jelly shoes, designer jeans, bright colored tights, leg warmers, oversized super model sun glasses and get ready to party eighties style!

Heather Locklear and Joan Collins from the 1980s prime-time soap Dynasty epitomize the powerful eighties woman. These upwardly mobile 80s women can be identified by their jumbo shoulder pads, big jewelery, big hat and big hair. I think you could say the keyword here is BIG and Dynasty was a big tv hit during its run from 1981-1989 on ABC.

Eighties Entertainment

From comedies to action to high school drama, 1980s movies and TV shows were the best! Get in the mood to party 80s style with these classic films featuring your favorite 80s stars.

Karate Kid - Final Battle - All that Waxing On and Waxing Off pays off!

These hip t-shirts from Insomniak are a great look for 80s movie loving men, women and kids.

80s Movie Ferris Bueller
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80s Movie Ferris Bueller

John Hughes directed the most popular comedies of the 80s and his films have come to define the era.

Hughes is probably best known for writing the coming-of-age 1980s teenage dramatic comedies co-starring Molly Ringwald: Sixteen Candles, The Breakfast Club and Pretty in Pink (the first two of which he also directed).

John Hughes also wrote and directed the teen comedies Weird Science and Ferris Bueller's Day Of. What is your favorite 80s movie? Share it in our guestbook at the end of this page!

Cosby Show Bloopers - Laugh with the Huxtables when things go wrong :)

1980s TV sitcom watchers will remember the Huxtable Family from the Cosby Show. This line of designer Cosby shirts has Cliff and Clair plus the kids Denise, Theo, Vanessa and Rudy.

Are you an Eighties Groupie?
1980s lovers will love these retro pastel colors and the art deco style lettering straight out of Miami Vice.

Add your own buttons to complete the eighties groupie look!

This forgotten board game sums up 80s Western culture in single image. You've got airbrushed silk workout shorts, leg warmers, sweatbands, suburban mansions, wind surfing, solid gold singing, Ferrari driving, tennis playing, executives behind the desk, lush green lawns, and a little bit of Europe just to make things feel a little international. For me this evokes Wimbledon, John McEnroe, Olivia Newton-John getting physical, the Surfing fashion craze, Princess Dianna, hardly working at the office, Magnum P.I., and Life Styles of the Rich and Famous all rolled up into one awesome piece of cover art.

Found at Branded in the 80s.

80s Resources - Need more 80s info for your retro party?

Find more fun 1980s info online at blogs, forums and retro t-shirt shops.

 Last updated on June 1, 2014

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Guestbook - Share Your 80s Memories Here - Greetings to all 80s fans from around the world! 479 comments

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This lens is a lot of fun. Sure brings back the memories. 5 stars.

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this lens is very good l got to admit l'm a bit of an eighties junkie, good stuff

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Great lens on the 80's! Lots of great information for all of us. Keep up the hard work. Come over to A DAY OF HOPE

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Great Lens! Thanks for the nostalgia tour... there's just something about the eighties that stays with you if you lived it. Even my 80's born daughter is a fan though she won't admit it in public LOL

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Thank you for adding this fantastic lens to the 80's New Wave Alternative Music Group!

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wow I LOVE this lens. I was a teen in the 80's and god was it great. 5 stars!

DigitalBenjamin 7 years ago

The 80's makes our list of Worst Fashion Trends ever. Check it out

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teamlane 7 years ago

Great lens. I still listen to some of this stuff when running. :o) 5*

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Great lens! I wish often that I grew up in the eighties. I love Guns N' Roses and am listening to them now!

Have you heard how you can learn guitar quick?

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Great Lens Brings back many unforgetable

good times

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Great nostalgia - I grew up with all this stuff and still listen to it now. You may like to visit my lens at High School Musical

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great lens, although i hate to look at any of my pictures from the 80's!

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What a trip. This is making me think of all KINDS of crazy things......


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Terrific lens! The 80's were just kinda weird to me! Thanks for the memories! Lensrolled you to Retro Loco! 5 stars.

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3 cheers for gen y! Great lens, 5*s

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Piksychick 7 years ago

I grew up in the 80's so this was a wonderful trip down memory lane. Thanks. 5 *'s to you

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Ahhh, the 80's. Scary that my kids now have "80's themed" dances at school. We aren't that old are we!?

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A great lens. 5 *****. It shows the amount of research you have done to put this all together for us to learn. Thanks.

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One of the best,very good research.

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Hi Timewarp, Nice 80's lens. The 80's was my favorite decade - music, clothes, movies, T.V. Lots of great stuff here. Good trip down memory lane. Nice job. ~Music Resource~

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Great lens, it takes me back to the good ol' days. Thankyou. Jen.

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Here I am again. If you haven't checked it out - you might want to ..... JUKEBOX is marked with a HUGE arrow in my lens. Plays music from the 1950 - 1984. All kinds of music. It's fun!!!! 5*,Lensroll,Fan what else can I do to make you #1?

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OMG...this brings back so many memories...AWESOME LENS!

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Nice lens. Great info.

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I have a lens on ear ringing which you may wish to visit and get some valuable information from it.

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In 1980's fashion Music and Movies are message oriented once.But now a day's in movies we can not find any messages to the people.

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Excellent lens with great stuff on movies, music and fashion of 80's.This recalls our past memories.Very helpful for the current generation to know about the fashion and music in those days.

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The 80's alternative are cool too.

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gwkell lm 6 years ago

Thanks for the great lens. I'd like more information about Web Design in the 80s. wait! The internet didn't exist yet! :-)

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What a great lens! I'm happy to be in the Let's Party Group with you!

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Cool lens! Sure brings back memories...

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For even MORE fun, check out my 1980's movies - set in New York!!!

New York Movies - (1970s - 1980s)andNew York Movies - (1980's - 1990's)

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katdaddy lm 6 years ago

Love it! Great lens for my generation. Some of the fashions may have died out but the music lives on. If you want to see some 80s favorites. Check out the info at http://www.squidoo.com/go-ringo Billy Squire, Edgar Winter and Colin Hay (Men at Work)and others are in the All-Starr band this summer touring.

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this actually might be the coolest lens i've seen to date. nice work!

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Wow. This is such a great lens... Keep it up

LuluVercetti 6 years ago

GREAT stuff - this dates me, but I wore lots of this back in the day. *sigh*--where's the Punk gear, tho'? (My kid needs some peg pants & other essentials for his band...also, more glam, plz!).

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EelKat13 6 years ago

C*C*DeVille is my all time fave guitar player! so glad to see him here! I love the Rainbow Bright costume! Thank you for joining EK's Link Exchange group.

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The 80's....what a great period. Love it! Thanks for sharing.

Partybluprints 6 years ago

This site is a blast from the past!

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Recession Proof2 6 years ago

Great memories. The wigs made me laugh, I don't know why. I've got a lens on 1920's fashion and music, I wonder if some folks look back on the 1920's with the same horror? Thanks. ~Jesse

erict123 6 years ago

Excellent lens with great stuff on movies, music and fashion of 80's.This recalls our past memories.Very helpful for the current generation to know about the fashion and music in those days.


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I love the 80's especially the music!

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Really envy you for making this great lens! I also did get my own above-normal dose of Rick Astley hits. lol, 5* and faved!

Hope to see you in my Remote control lens!

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Really envy you for making this great lens! I also did get my own above-normal dose of Rick Astley hits. lol, 5* and faved!

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Did we really wear this stuff? Great lens!

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For me the funniest part on this Lens is the "Get Wiggy With It". LOL i really remembered those times when I see people on TV with those hairdo.hahahaha

Love this Lens. and Thanks for the laughts

Georgio 6 years ago

Oh the 80s, Really digging the solid music section, though i would've liked to see Tears for Fears' "Mad World" up there. Billie Jean will do though.


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Squidoo-Pat 6 years ago

The 80's-Popular culture became even more popular and Your Hair Wore You!

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sisterra 6 years ago

I love this lens and the 80's!!

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teamlane 6 years ago

Great work on this 80s lens Timewarp!

Blessings from a SquidAngel ~ :)

quicksparecash 6 years ago

Having just been invited to an Abba themed party, this was really useful for inspiration, thanks!

enslavedbyfaeries 6 years ago

Just thinking back to how much hair spray I went through in that decade. I think I may have caused global warming with my Aqua Net. Thanks for the memories. :)

beachbum_gabby 6 years ago

I love everything about the 80's and the music too!

Becky_J 6 years ago

I love the eighties.... I run 80's nights at the pub sometimes, everyone sings along, it's great!

Tiddledeewinks LM profile image

Tiddledeewinks LM 6 years ago

I like Poison and Guns 'n Roses because of my kids.

Timewarp profile image

Timewarp 6 years ago from Montreal Hub Author

Thanks for all the comments everybody, dont forget to also check out my new lens on Eighties Costumes!

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Dog Time 6 years ago

Ahh, gotta love the 80's. BTW have you seen Psych on USA Network? Its very funny and it has a lot of 80's references. I love that show.

WorldTravelers916 6 years ago

these parties where always the best i love dressing up in 80 gear!

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ashleymia 6 years ago

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Great lens!It helps me a lot. I have to dress up like im from the 80s next week 4 a dress up day at flag practice. IVE searched google and yahoo images and it didn't give me much.

ngio64 profile image

ngio64 6 years ago

Fun lens! DH and I also enjoyed The Stray Cats, The Motels and, being from Philly, The Hooters were a local favorite that we were thrilled to see make it to MTV!

Thanks for bringing me back!

ashleymia 6 years ago

Wow really great lens. 1980's songs are rare ones. I am so much interested in all those. I am so much impressed by this lens. 5*s.

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JustMel1 6 years ago

This is an awesome lens! Total 5 stars;-) One thing though...I didn't know it was 'John' Collins in Dynasty;-)LOL

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papawu 6 years ago

WOW! Talk about nostalgic! I grew up in the 80's, so I loved this blast from the past lens. 5 stars!

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Music-Resource 6 years ago

Hi Timewarp: Great 80's lens. Those were the days - my favorite decade, especially in regards to rock music! Lensrolled to my guitar lessons lens. ~Music Resource~

Timewarp profile image

Timewarp 6 years ago from Montreal Hub Author

Hey everyone, thanks for dropping by and leaving your comments...and yes, that would be Joan Collins not John Collins from Dynasty hehe!

anonymous 6 years ago

I love the 80's and vintage! lots of great songs from great artist.

anonymous 6 years ago

I love the 80's and vintage! lots of great songs from great artist.

Muzicons 6 years ago

Hey, great lens! Gotta love the 80s. If you wanted to put 80s mp3 songs on a site, I highly recommend you check out Muzicons, you can find info about the music widget at my lens.

ChloeComfort 6 years ago

Great lens. I am a child of the 80's - thanks for the flashback :-)

StressyBull 6 years ago

That is a superb list of 80's hit, I love the 80's classics! But why on earth have you not got Hall & Oates - Maneater on your list, it's a wicked tune and should definitely be included!

GrantC 6 years ago

Ah the memories come flooding back. I was 12 in 1980 which I would say was about just the right age at the right time.

Then I joined the Army at 16......so no boy group fashioned hair styles and clothes for me then....but I still had a great 80's time.

Super lens!

archetekt lm profile image

archetekt lm 6 years ago

yeah the 80's were great! the Smiths, Oingo Boingo, Wall of VooDoo, FYC, the Clash, The Ramones, MTV, Van Halen, Judas Priest, Missing Persons, Eurythmics, The Cult, The Pretenders and don't forget Ian Dury and the Blockheads. And many more, the wait is over, Star Trek XI New Trailer

anonymous 6 years ago

Well done! Great variety of content! Thanks for the ideas!

anonymous 6 years ago

Guys, even I'm not borned 80's i really love 80's songs,.but of their style I'm not more attractive. Songs only! Great lens about 80's.



anonymous 6 years ago

The 80's were some great years and this is a great lens

Good Job.


elishadavis 6 years ago

its funny to see what the 80's look compared today's look. But its nice to bring back the old memories. Thanks to this lens.

anonymous 6 years ago

Nice: I still remember those high-flying hairdos on the local Somerville, MA girls in the '80s. Always kind of ridiculous but amusing. Excellent lens for memory lane.

kandystand 6 years ago

The 80's - thats what got me into producing music..... drop by http://www.kandystand.com for some great remixes of classic 80's tracks. Electric Dreams, Sanctuary, Call Me, all brought up to date with some great dance mixes by Kandystand! See you there..

DJ Alodis - Kandystand

ScullyLovePromo profile image

ScullyLovePromo 6 years ago

I was 20 years old in 1984 and I have to say that decade was the BEST time of my life!! I shall always remember it fondly and you have really captured the essence of it here. KUDOS to you for making this fine tribute!

Eliterocks 6 years ago

80's rock...more battle of the bands

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BarryKrost 6 years ago

Really a great lens! Lots of good stuff.

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RolandTumble 6 years ago

Well done--5*

Hiphopper 6 years ago

Ahhh... yes the eightys. I loved the 80's and the music! I worked out for a couple of years to Blondie's 'Eat To The Beat.' I enjoyed touring your Lens. It brought back a lot of memories.

Marcela_S 5 years ago

I would absolutely love to have the 80s back. So much fun.....

Victoreeah 5 years ago

Wow, some of this stuff I had completely forgot about. Thanks for the trip down memory lane!

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Czarque 5 years ago

I love remembering the 80's.

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FunGifts4All 5 years ago

I miss the eighties. Still listen to the music. Great lens. Congrats on making the top 100!!

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youthministry 5 years ago from Birmingham, Al.

Love the 80's. Thanks for the cool site!

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verymary 5 years ago from Chicago area Level 1 Commenter

Ah, the '80s. Funny how elements of '80s style have been back for a few yrs now...not that I can (or would want to) pull them off at this point! Was just remembering, the other day, some truly heinous pants I wore back then....teal and black houndstooth pedal pushers. And I think I paired them with--cringe--a teal "Flashdance"-style cutup sweatshirt. Yep, I'm serious! Superfun lens, 5*****

funcoolcollecti profile image

funcoolcollecti 5 years ago

I was an 80's teen, it was a great time for me! Thanks for the walk down memory lane. 5 stars!

MAJArch profile image

MAJArch 5 years ago

aWESOME! How about adding ONJ's "Physical" legwarmers and headband to fashions for the ladies?


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DianeNassy 5 years ago

I loved everything about the 80's. TYhanks for brining back the memories.

Leanne Chesser profile image

Leanne Chesser 5 years ago from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

What a fun lens! I love it. Just like some others who have posted comments, I also still listen to 80's music.

anonymous 5 years ago

love the 80's! brings back the memories!

poutine 5 years ago

I like the 80's but much prefer the late 60's and early 70's.

Great entertaining lens.

blaqdiamond 5 years ago

Cool lens! Brought back losts of memories!

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jolou 5 years ago Level 1 Commenter

The 80s had some great entertainment. I just loved Miami Vice and Dynasty.

Pyronaut 5 years ago

Awesome lens. Keep up the good work!

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affordablefinewines 5 years ago

Oh if I could only go back to the 80's!

poutine 5 years ago

I like the late 60's and early 70's much better.

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David Depape

Nochipra profile image

Nochipra 5 years ago

Great lens! I loved the eighties! Great times! Thanks

California_Dreamin 5 years ago

Wonderfully nostalgic and entertaining lens you've got here. 5 stars without question.

Jen Maskill profile image

Jen Maskill 5 years ago

WOW What an amazing lens. It certainly did make me a tad nostalgic for the old 80s. Most of my favourite movies seem to be off of the 80s. Thank you :)

WindyWintersHubs profile image

WindyWintersHubs 5 years ago from Vancouver Island, BC

Wonderful 80s lens! Cool 80s tees. I love the 80s! Cheers!

happynutritionist 5 years ago

I'm with poutine, give me my '60's and early 1970's back :-)

Rushmore81 5 years ago

love this site. Especially the John Hughes portion and the Cosby scene

ElizaRayner profile image

ElizaRayner 5 years ago from Boulder, Colorado

the 80's rock! thanks fro the great lens

lasertek lm profile image

lasertek lm 5 years ago

Great lens! Like the song list so much. You've posted most of my favorites. 80's rule!

Do visit my lens as well if you got time. Thanks

MusicHut 5 years ago

Bring back the 80's or be like us, just never leave. Great lens.

Ramkitten2000 profile image

Ramkitten2000 5 years ago from Flagstaff, Arizona

Everything here looks mighty familiar. I was an 80's kid through and through.

damnthatsfunny 5 years ago

The 80's were really cool. My daughter saids NOT. You really had to be there to understand. I wish I could go back just once more.

anonymous 5 years ago

Please see movies made in 1980

totalhealth 5 years ago

though I'm not a fan of 80's fashion, I love 80's music. beautiful lens.

Ceeshell profile image

Ceeshell 5 years ago

Back to the Future is my FAVORITE movie of all time. And of course Alex P. Keaton was my favorite TV character. Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

Dreadmoc 5 years ago

Rad lens!! good movie pick and music!

DanCarson 5 years ago

I love "Can I Kick It" by Tribe.

EditPhotos profile image

EditPhotos 5 years ago from Earth

Fun lens! Good picks

jerryp52 5 years ago

I love the 80's music and in particular the British Electronica like Depesche Mode.

schwisky 4 years ago

Cool lens! As a child of the 1980s, and fan of the music from the decade, it was a lot of fun to read! Do you like freestyle music?

martialartstraining 4 years ago

I remember the 80s, not all fondly but, there was always good music. Thank you for reminding me of that.

anonymous 4 years ago

Great lens, I especially like the John Hughes section

Obscure_Treasures 4 years ago

I want to leave my congratulations to this superb lens.

LisaAuch1 profile image

LisaAuch1 4 years ago from Scotland

Yeah...who remembers Sunday night sitting waiting to tape your favourite songs on the tape recorders? Thank you for the trip down memory lane, I thought I was Madonna.

Joycevoice profile image

Joycevoice 4 years ago

Thanks for the great fashion advice, party ideas and memories.

Joan4 4 years ago

Lensrolling to my 80's party! Fun!

ElizaRayner profile image

ElizaRayner 4 years ago from Boulder, Colorado

I love the 80's and this is a great tribute! last night I saw Crowded House in Concert lol, boulght back some 80's memories indeed.

ImmatureEntrepr profile image

ImmatureEntrepr 4 years ago

What's not to love about the 80s? A decade of fun and excess with no worries. Today we just have to settle for the weekend. :(

Fun lens!

GramaBarb profile image

GramaBarb 4 years ago from Vancouver

I'm still in the fifties :) Great lens!

reasonablerobby profile image

reasonablerobby 4 years ago from UK Level 2 Commenter

I got married in 1986 so this brings back some great memories

AliciaAnn89 profile image

AliciaAnn89 4 years ago from New York

I've never been a huge 80's fane, but I really like a bunch of songs you have on here! Great lens.

WorldVisionary3 profile image

WorldVisionary3 4 years ago

The 80s were incredibly memorable for me and so much fun. What a great trip through memory lane. Loved this lens!

JustineNupp profile image

JustineNupp 4 years ago

Now I've been to a party that was 60's with twister, hula hopes, and beer but, this is a era that I lived in so, to dress up like it, I might still have my rainbow pants.

dryder profile image

dryder 4 years ago

Loved the 80s

Healthsmartmom profile image

Healthsmartmom 4 years ago

Great lens! The 80's where everything was big - sunglasses, hair, you name it! Love your choice of songs for this lens!

unique freak77 profile image

unique freak77 4 years ago

80s music is fun XD Very informative lens! Thanks for sharing!

squid-janices7 profile image

squid-janices7 4 years ago

Since I was a teenager in the 80's, I of course love the music and the fashion:) You've gathered a great list of songs here. I just published my top 10 favorite albums of the 80's to share my favorites of that decade as well.

jgall34 lm profile image

jgall34 lm 4 years ago

I grew up in the 80's, I can't really say that it is my favorite era for music, however I like your lens because it brings back lots of memories.

jdwheeler profile image

jdwheeler 4 years ago

I'm into the 80's. But hair bands are the worst!

cbessa profile image

cbessa 4 years ago

Man, 1980's fashion and music list must have Devo! :-)

KokoTravel profile image

KokoTravel 4 years ago

Great lens... great era, but it's ok that it's gone!

middlemanagemen1 profile image

middlemanagemen1 4 years ago

What an excellent lens! I so wanted to be Miami Vice when I was growing up... Strangely enough it was true, "Parents Just Don't Understand" :-)

dandbal 4 years ago

I watched Mystic Pizza the other day, which I saw new in the 80's. Let me say, the hair...egads...

bechand profile image

bechand 4 years ago

I love the 80's !

BladeOps LM profile image

BladeOps LM 4 years ago

Love anything 80's--especially music by Oingo Boingo

spritequeen lm profile image

spritequeen lm 4 years ago

Gotta love Bon Jovi and all the BIG HAIR bands! :-) Fun stuff!

CelebStyle LM profile image

CelebStyle LM 4 years ago

major flashback...thanks :o) fun lens

andysays 4 years ago

Big hair...big tunes!

anonymous 4 years ago

Long Live the 80's

lapetitefrog profile image

lapetitefrog 4 years ago

I love 80s music. It's got so much attitude and fun. Cool lens! :)

felixthecat12b lm profile image

felixthecat12b lm 4 years ago

RELAX Don't do it...haha I like the T-shirt

Wbisbill LM profile image

Wbisbill LM 4 years ago from New Market Tn 37820

We love the 80's. Great lens1

kimark421 profile image

kimark421 4 years ago

After the 70's, the 80's was a major step forward! Hard to believe, isn't it?

Great lens!

DianaPrice LM profile image

DianaPrice LM 4 years ago

Oh how I loved my Duran Duran and INXS...

NeuroPhite 4 years ago

Love it!

paperfacets profile image

paperfacets 4 years ago from La Verne, CA Level 2 Commenter

The Eighties were fun. Loved the music. Talking Heads, Smiths, b52's, Wall of Voodoo.

ajgodinho profile image

ajgodinho 4 years ago from Ontario, Canada Level 2 Commenter

80's music was my kinda music ~ boy, fast forward and so much has changed. Great job with this lens!

traceysfolly lm 4 years ago

I miss the 80s! But I liked your lens : )

anonymous 4 years ago

Wow this brings back a lot of memories from growing up.

Ramkitten2000 profile image

Ramkitten2000 4 years ago from Flagstaff, Arizona

Fun stuff! I remember ripping all the shoulder pads out of my clothes in the late 80s or early 90s.

charder profile image

charder 4 years ago

I love this! Check out my lenses for some costume ideas for one of your parties, including 80s costumes!

anonymous 4 years ago

Rad 80's Lens, the board game brings back memories

dwnovacek profile image

dwnovacek 4 years ago

My first decade of true "adult-hood", the '80's are near and dear to my heart (although I loved the '70's as well!). Great lens. I'll be back to spend more time.

Judy Martin profile image

Judy Martin 4 years ago from Mississippi

My kids grew up listening to this music and I listened right along with them. Great memories. Thanks

Obscure_Treasures 4 years ago

Wow! Brings back the sweet memory of the 80's. Very well presented.

cooldiet profile image

cooldiet 4 years ago

80's were the most creative years. Without much technology. Primarily the human factor. Thanks!

anonymous 4 years ago

Fun, fun fun, nice walk down memory lane. This was a very fun lens.

JamesPittman LM profile image

JamesPittman LM 4 years ago

Great 80s lens. The videos were radical, especially the New York City Breakers.

ChristopherFranko profile image

ChristopherFranko 4 years ago

i was born in 86!! my mom was at an ozzy metllica concert =]

anonymous 4 years ago

Thank you for a lens that doesn't suck!

Dawn Michael PhD profile image

Dawn Michael PhD 4 years ago

very cool stuff, oh gosh the 80's now everyone will know my age...lol

QuestForHozro profile image

QuestForHozro 4 years ago

Never was much for "Hair Bands" but you've got some good stuff here.

Antonette13 profile image

Antonette13 4 years ago

A wonderful lens about the past! :)

anonymous 4 years ago

I really thought breakdance was cool when I was a kid ...

mom-247 profile image

mom-247 4 years ago

Depeche mode - Now there's a band I haven't heard of for a while! This was great nostalgia, thanks!

lorinyc profile image

lorinyc 4 years ago

This lens took me right back to high school. Wow, did we really look that way? I felt so cool at the time. :)

Great lens!

poptastic profile image

poptastic 4 years ago from Quezon City

I was a teen in the late 80s so I definitely remember some of these trends! I listened to college radio then (Siouxsie, Morissey, the Smiths, xtc etc) and wore a lot of eyeliner too (oh the horror). Thanks for the trip down memory lane. Lensrolling to my Side Ponytail lens (:

anonymous 4 years ago

20 year class reunion was this year. A guy I graduated with still has a mullet. I still love the 80's. Thanks

RMKK-Marlene profile image

RMKK-Marlene 4 years ago

About the 80's, I was about to say bad hair, bad music. But, after looking at your lens, you reminded me of the wonderful movies of that era...love everyone on your list. And of course the 80's brought us Michael Jackson's unforgettable performance of Billy Jean on Motown 25: Yesterday, Today, Forever, where he introduced the moonwalk.

~ Marlene

celebrationstat profile image

celebrationstat 4 years ago

LOVE the lens. The 80's were the coolest!!

anonymous 4 years ago

I love this lens, I was born in the late 80's but I think the 8o's where more care free. Great lens.

darciefrench lm profile image

darciefrench lm 4 years ago

That was a stroll down memory lane- I love all things 80's. Fun lens!

gravityx9 4 years ago

super fun! all those cool 'old' songs! thumbs up! :D

Joyfulmusic90 profile image

Joyfulmusic90 4 years ago

Yep, I remember all these things. : )

ewguru lm profile image

ewguru lm 4 years ago

great lens

MuskyJim LM profile image

MuskyJim LM 4 years ago

ahh the 80's when you could still party like it was 1999!

anonymous 4 years ago

Aw! Fun. Love the lens.

artgoodman lm profile image

artgoodman lm 4 years ago

Love the family "hair" photo. Great lens.

indigogirl lm profile image

indigogirl lm 4 years ago

Great Lens really took me back to my teens in the 80's.

GVGuru profile image

GVGuru 4 years ago

Ah, nostalgia is awesome! Thanks for the memories!

Catalysthere LM profile image

Catalysthere LM 4 years ago

My favourite band in the 80's was the cure, favourite song-Lovecats!!

AllyVuitton 4 years ago

Nice shirts!

pumpnut lm profile image

pumpnut lm 4 years ago

Going through this lens was a great morale booster. Needed that today. Thanks!

pubspy 4 years ago

You gotta great lens, Crikey frankie goes to hollywood, memories

SueM11 profile image

SueM11 4 years ago from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Great lens. Those were the best days since I was growing up during that period.

anonymous 4 years ago

Ohhhhh to be that young again, and if only I knew what i do now. This brings back a lot of memories, it's a super lens.

MamasCritics2 profile image

MamasCritics2 4 years ago

Love the 80's, that was my generation! Great lens!

GiftsBonanza 4 years ago

Certainly brings back memories - thank you :)

anonymous 4 years ago

This is a great and hilarious lens! Brought back a lot of memories for me!

ashmoon lm profile image

ashmoon lm 4 years ago

now that was my era

Wendy Leanne profile image

Wendy Leanne 4 years ago from Texas

I love the 80's. I miss those days. The music, movies, and fashion were all fun. It seems like a much simpler and less stressful time than today.

I had fun here. Thanks. :)

maxnic11 4 years ago

really great fun!

javr profile image

javr 4 years ago from British Columbia, Canada

Was it really that long ago?

DressGoon profile image

DressGoon 4 years ago

Great lens. Thanks

Spartak LM profile image

Spartak LM 4 years ago

I was born in eighties, so this is music of my time :) Great lens!

carlajo73 profile image

carlajo73 4 years ago

Great lens. I am lensrolling it to my latest My Life as a Child in the 80s, http://www.squidoo.com/80s-child

Pip Gerard profile image

Pip Gerard 4 years ago

Just lensrolled this to my 80s toys lense! :) Happy New Year!

anonymous 4 years ago

This site stirred up some great old memories.But what about Risky Business or Vacation on the movies list?This lens is fresh!

JamesPittman LM profile image

JamesPittman LM 4 years ago

So musch good 80s stuff on here. Thanks for all of the research and effort to bring these moments back to us.

pimbels lm profile image

pimbels lm 4 years ago

I was young and in love. I had so much fun. Great lens. Brings back nice memories.

eclecticeducati1 profile image

eclecticeducati1 4 years ago

I love the eighties! I graduated in 1989 from highschool so I spent most of my "formative" years in the 80's. Great lens. Lenrolled to my "I Love the 80's" lens and blessed by a Squid Angel.

Richard Ark profile image

Richard Ark 4 years ago

My Favourite Music Era !!

best-online-deals profile image

best-online-deals 4 years ago

Can't say I like the fashion but I love the music!

sig2k30 4 years ago

1989 still have some great music

Hopecore 4 years ago

say anything was by far the best movie!

BrandonJames926 profile image

BrandonJames926 4 years ago

Great way to build a lens around the themed party. I'm sure people are always searching for ideas so they can be the one who's dressed over the top! Nicely done.

sll1637 4 years ago

the breakfast club is the best movie from the 1980s

Philippians468 profile image

Philippians468 4 years ago

loove the music! great lens!

retro-gamer profile image

retro-gamer 4 years ago from Michigan

Madonna/Bon Jovie for music and the Goonies/Return of the Jedi are what sticks in my mind. I must have watched those movies a dozen times. Good times, lol.

Timewarp profile image

Timewarp 4 years ago from Montreal Hub Author

@best-online-deals: Yes I think the music has better withstood the test of time :)

Timewarp profile image

Timewarp 4 years ago from Montreal Hub Author

@eclecticeducati1: Thanks for the visit and the blessing :)

Timewarp profile image

Timewarp 4 years ago from Montreal Hub Author

@retro-gamer: Goonies was great so I have to be suspicious of the remake that has been announced!

pixelposy profile image

pixelposy 4 years ago

Ah, the 80's, such a memorable decade for nerdy stuff! Love the keyboard solo medley. Thanks!

kittycollar profile image

kittycollar 4 years ago

Great lens, thanks for sharing! We too love the 80s here :)

joanv334 profile image

joanv334 4 years ago

Loved your lens!

LOLteez 4 years ago

"Take On Me" is the first song that comes up on our iPod, so it is definitely one I remember!

youthministry profile image

youthministry 4 years ago from Birmingham, Al.

love it! Born in the USA!

Grandma-Marilyn profile image

Grandma-Marilyn 3 years ago

I wasn't too much into the 1980's music. I did like some of them but not all. I loved the movies though.

emyakindu 3 years ago

Old style rocks!

SweetMarie83 LM profile image

SweetMarie83 LM 3 years ago

Awesome lens! I love 80s music and 80s TV and I think this Halloween I'm going to take some of your ideas and see if my friends will do an 80s theme with me!

Krafick profile image

Krafick 3 years ago

Very nice lens. I was there.

Glenn619 profile image

Glenn619 3 years ago

Good job with the lens the 80's music was really awesome, thanks for a refresher of those times with your hub

techjunkie11 profile image

techjunkie11 3 years ago

Oh the memories the eighties give me, leg warmers, big hair, and neon.

TightsOnline 3 years ago

What a great lens! I'd rank in 80/10!

christopherlee lm profile image

christopherlee lm 3 years ago

A cool Retro Quality Wayfarer Sunglasses.

juditpaton profile image

juditpaton 3 years ago from Ozun

i love this lens, your lists for dance will make my friends delight at the next party. thank you.

anonymous 3 years ago

I so remember the 80's hair do's... How funny, but what a great lens!

Cinnamonbite profile image

Cinnamonbite 3 years ago

Ok, this was a fun lens!

Li-Li-ThePinkBookworm 3 years ago

An interesting throwback to remind us why we don't want to go back to 80's clothing :) Great work, and great collection of music.


Li Li

KatrinaJames profile image

KatrinaJames 3 years ago

Cool Lens!!:-)!

MJSchrader profile image

MJSchrader 3 years ago

Loads of great memories :) Thank you for bringing it all back.

pastorkayte profile image

pastorkayte 3 years ago

Man, do I ever remember this time, I was between 10 and 20 years old during this period which means I grew up with this music, thank you for sharing this memory with me.

jfn482 profile image

jfn482 3 years ago

Wow that sure brings back some memories!

LisaMarieGabriel profile image

LisaMarieGabriel 3 years ago from United Kingdom Level 2 Commenter

I liked your 80s party very much! The Frankie Tshirt was my favourite back then :) Blessed in passing

LouisaDembul profile image

LouisaDembul 3 years ago

Imagine how we used to think those hairstyles were so coool!

lynnegirl1 profile image

lynnegirl1 3 years ago

For me, '80's music will always be the best. Def Leppard, Dire Straits, those were the days.

anonymous 3 years ago

Great lens. Brings back memories!!

ChemKnitsBlog2 profile image

ChemKnitsBlog2 3 years ago

I made headbands and other jewelry out of neon hot loops.... I thought I was sooo cool at 5 years old!

anonymous 3 years ago

love this lens and love the 80's-good times!

GetSillyProduct 3 years ago

oh my god, the breakdancing is so epic!

GetSillyProduct 3 years ago

lensrolled to my top 10 80s shirts lens

jvsper63 profile image

jvsper63 3 years ago

Bring's back memorie's.I forgot about a few thing's i was remimded of...really lovely lens.:)

onlinemba 3 years ago

Thanks for sharing such great fashion tips

GoAceNate LM profile image

GoAceNate LM 3 years ago

Great idea for a lens. Thanks.

Diamond-Price 3 years ago

wow, i had totally forgotten about many of the things you have here, especially Miami Vice

Suze05 LM profile image

Suze05 LM 3 years ago

Lots of great stuff here.. The 80's were awesome. I had a blast in the 80's. LOL

meisgood132 profile image

meisgood132 3 years ago

My favourite music was the decade of pop in the 80's.

JanezKranjski profile image

JanezKranjski 3 years ago

I was born in 80's. My favorite decade.

anonymous 3 years ago

Took me back in time... Thank you for the great lens.

bames24 lm profile image

bames24 lm 3 years ago

I loved 80s music and I still do... I like it better than the current music out there... great lens.. ;)

fantasticallyfi profile image

fantasticallyfi 3 years ago

Love it! What a magnificent lens! Please check out my predominanty 90s culture lens out. Cheers.

anonymous 3 years ago

I love this

anonymous 3 years ago

Thanks for reminding me of why I enjoyed the 80's - I didn't realize that so much of the music I like came from that decade. The Police, Billy Idol, Sting goes out on his own in the late 80's.. yes a significant musical decade!

glitterfrog profile image

glitterfrog 3 years ago


Ha! Loved it then, still love it now! Great lens, dude, seriously. You pretty much covered everything!

tkbennett profile image

tkbennett 3 years ago

I thoroughly enjoyed the 80s even if I'm a little bit biased since I grew up in that era.

Chris_Green 3 years ago

What a blast from the past. I had such a crush on Nena - 99 red balloons!

anonymous 3 years ago

80's music definitely beat 20th century pop music.

anonymous 3 years ago

The 80s music, now that's the real deal!

ververicka 3 years ago

Great lens!

hendkur 3 years ago

very informative lens, breakdance!!!

Marciajane profile image

Marciajane 3 years ago from England

Fantastic lens, very informative and it took me right back in time - well done!

Jerrad28 3 years ago

Fun times lol

thegogreenpeople profile image

thegogreenpeople 3 years ago

Very nice lens, keep up the great work!

stevenstones 3 years ago

nice lens!

anonymous 3 years ago

Love this lens! Boy do I remember the 80s! I was a mom of high school kids for most of the decade, but I loved those times. The 80s is one of my two favorite decades! Thanks for the fun memories.

itsmuzza2011 profile image

itsmuzza2011 3 years ago

great lens i loved the 80s i was a loony then i joined the Marines and i didnt care about much... sadly those days are gone but now im a happily married man with a fantastic family, i do miss the 80s though

anonymous 3 years ago

I was made in the eighties. There was some great musical events and some not so great.

Great lens though very informative.

davidber profile image

davidber 3 years ago

Very good lens, keep good work

anansigirls lm profile image

anansigirls lm 3 years ago

Yuk! Just remembered the boyfriend who was into Miami Vice way back then. Could do an entire lens about him (I just might!). Anyhow, thank you for the trip down memory lane.

tvyps profile image

tvyps 3 years ago from Phoenix, Arizona

John Hughes will be missed, that's for sure...along with John Candy :(

cire81 lm profile image

cire81 lm 3 years ago

Wow, you make me feel like I was born too late. Nice lens

anonymous 3 years ago

Im now going to check around and see if there is a full lens dedicated to Duran Duran yet, if not there soon will be

optionzone profile image

optionzone 3 years ago

The '80's were a gas! I built a lens on the 1983 movie "Trading Places" http://www.squidoo.com/trading-places which I'm shocked to see did not make the IMDB User Poll. Take a look if you like. Either way, great work on this lens, thanks... Liked.

avorodisa lm profile image

avorodisa lm 3 years ago

That's a cool idea to throw a party in the style of the 80s, with music, hairstyles and clothes. And also, it would be great to organize a club! I was a child in the 80s but I remember and love the music of those times, especially Madonna, Whitney Huston and Michael Jackson. They are cool! Thanx for the lens!

anonymous 3 years ago

this lens gave me some new and creative ideas. Thanks!

sweettoothstudio 3 years ago

So funny...ahh the 80's

dosmaster5000 profile image

dosmaster5000 3 years ago

I was born in the mid 80s and grew up listening to it's music. I still listen to 80s today.

KarenCookieJar 3 years ago

I went to one of these parties once, it was lots of fun. I forgot that people used to tuck their pants into their socks at some point, what were people thinking!

KaneshiaKelly profile image

KaneshiaKelly 3 years ago

OMG I love this lens

anonymous 3 years ago

Thanks for your sharing and very beautiful lens.

SpiffingDesign profile image

SpiffingDesign 3 years ago

Great lens!

iandrzej lm profile image

iandrzej lm 3 years ago

Truly awesome lens, really enjoyed recalling 80's... many thanks for sharing.

SariCeciliaArts 3 years ago

I was so totally there in the 80's! I think that's when I gained my freedom for "artistic licensing" in fashion and Art! Loved it! Thanks for a great lens :D

SariCeciliaArts 3 years ago

Think I still have my Madonna fishnets & white lace glove somewhere in the back of my closet (lol)

seanjennin profile image

seanjennin 3 years ago

Great lense, love the Griswalds too...

VoodooRULEs 3 years ago

This Lens made me smile from the moment it came into view! Thank you

anticloud profile image

anticloud 3 years ago

Great lens! Thanks for taking the time to put this one together!

TeddySteele1 3 years ago

Ah yes...the fabulous 80's. Makes me wanna get out my roller skates and curl my lip like Billy Idol while moonwalking. Hehe.

anonymous 3 years ago

love this lens, for me, 1983 was the best year for music!

zblessedlife lm profile image

zblessedlife lm 3 years ago

nice, very cool!

Ibiza1 profile image

Ibiza1 3 years ago from Ibiza

80's and karate kid? the time fly...

TopTenLists 3 years ago

excellent lens. Brought back some great memories

Aceoot profile image

Aceoot 3 years ago

hey nice lens! great music :)

anonymous 3 years ago

This is a real trip down memory lane!! Thank you for sharing!!

NoobWriter LM profile image

NoobWriter LM 3 years ago

Great collection

Vivian7878 3 years ago

Very helpful.

anonymous 3 years ago

Man all that seems like such a long time ago! My very favorite part of the 80's would have to be that U2 came on the scene, I think around 1983 and are still my all time and forever favorite rock band....now that's a party!

JackNimble profile image

JackNimble 3 years ago

Awesome lens! This brings back good memories! Thanks.

filmic profile image

filmic 3 years ago

Nice lens! An era of total excess.

Josh0122 LM profile image

Josh0122 LM 3 years ago

Great video. I have seen Billy Idol do Mony, Mony. It was fantastic. Thanks for this great Lens. I am inspired.

Vinduespudser 3 years ago

This lens is so 80's:) I like

ClassyGals profile image

ClassyGals 3 years ago from Pittsburgh

I had a great time at your 80s party lens!

Blessed by a Squid Angel**

Spikey64 profile image

Spikey64 3 years ago

Excellent lens brought back many memories. Thanks. I wonder if the breakdancers from that era are all feeling the effects on their joints now.

NicStavros 3 years ago

I grew up in the 80's and loved it. But what were we thinking with all that hair and makeup! LOL

anonymous 3 years ago

I'm ashamed to say, I owned a pair of parachute pants. Hey, They were cool back then.

dotsonr 3 years ago

I miss the 80s!

Close2Art LM profile image

Close2Art LM 3 years ago

the leather jacket with the zippers, man you were bad if you had one of those...:)RWJR

wolfie10 profile image

wolfie10 3 years ago

lot of memories the 80's for me thanks

KiwiSanet profile image

KiwiSanet 3 years ago

The 80 had great music, big hair and clothes with shoulder pads. I loved it!

Aussie-Net LM profile image

Aussie-Net LM 3 years ago

Good times

Adinantiquejewe profile image

Adinantiquejewe 3 years ago

Love the 80's

jc91583 profile image

jc91583 3 years ago

Good times great oldies. Thanks for the flashback. Now it is Back to the Future for me!

anonymous 3 years ago

i love nostalgic stuff. thanks for the trip down memory lane :)

Pway21 3 years ago

born in the 80's nice lens

lucyvivian profile image

lucyvivian 3 years ago

80s music is classic, I love it !

Staceysk profile image

Staceysk 3 years ago

I don't miss the big hair or the jelly shoes, but I loved the 80's music. Great lens.

unqedomain 3 years ago

the best is 80's we love it!!!

anonymous 3 years ago

Really loved the 80's but thought the 70's were the best. But never mind everything old will be new again and ret assured the fashion will return. Great lens

collierlewisjew profile image

collierlewisjew 3 years ago

great lens! sooo rad, love the 80's!!!

BrandonSharp profile image

BrandonSharp 3 years ago

Was my hair that bad back in the 80's? Probably so!

anonymous 3 years ago

Timewarp, you ever have a haircut like your first picture there? Great 80s lens dude!

RedMarketeer profile image

RedMarketeer 3 years ago

I love the 80's, my favorite decade.

Formosangirl LM profile image

Formosangirl LM 3 years ago

I guess I am not the only one loving 80's music! LOL.

bosieboy profile image

bosieboy 3 years ago

Now we are talking! The 80's were MY decade - music, clothes, the whole thing!

Great lens, had a lot of fun here. +1 from me.

angielichtenstein profile image

angielichtenstein 3 years ago

I MISS THE 80s! Great lens!

DianaPrice LM profile image

DianaPrice LM 3 years ago

This lens is, like, TOTALLY awesome! Love it! ;-)

sls450 3 years ago

I love the 80s, great lens

workinghome profile image

workinghome 3 years ago

Wow, I need to find my high school pictures. Sometimes I miss big hair.

adamfrench profile image

adamfrench 3 years ago

Impressive lens, thumbs up

DANCING COWGIRL profile image

DANCING COWGIRL 3 years ago from Texas Level 3 Commenter

80's were good for me. I graduated in 78 so I was ready to roll. Good stuff you have here.

anonymous 3 years ago

80's Parties are so fun! here is the one I threw:


I had so many ideas but not enough time to do them all!

anonymous 3 years ago

Brings back memories, not all good though!

RaverGoat profile image

RaverGoat 3 years ago

Fantastic lens! I won an 80's contest in high school. :)

ultimapalabra profile image

ultimapalabra 3 years ago

That was my time! Thanks for that great lens!

WaynesWorld LM profile image

WaynesWorld LM 3 years ago

Nice!!! Wish the 80's were as fun as your site makes it look.

SarahSiegrist profile image

SarahSiegrist 3 years ago

The 80s make me very nostalgic - I was a little young at the time, but it was a great decade once I was old enough to love music.

AbandonGames 3 years ago

Great lense ! nice memories !

klopcic profile image

klopcic 3 years ago

I was very little in 80s, but when I hear the 80s music I like it very much. They make music with all their heart!

anonymous 3 years ago

Even though I wasn't around for a ton of the 80's, I think the music is PHENOMENAL! I can't get enough of it.

viscri8 profile image

viscri8 3 years ago

Good old days! Thanks for reminding about them. Thank you for a well crafted lens.

kindlegeek 3 years ago

Cool Lens!

jeremiahjpwalto1 profile image

jeremiahjpwalto1 3 years ago

great lens

anonymous 3 years ago

this was fun, thanks for the poll questions too, earned a 'thumbs up' from this reader.

diyav22 3 years ago

Great lens...thanks

elliotaaron profile image

elliotaaron 3 years ago

I was into Echo and the Bunnymen

rbarfield1980 profile image

rbarfield1980 3 years ago

The Bill Cosby show has got to be one of my favorite tv shows of the 80's. I still watch it to this day and Cindy Lawpor was pretty cool too. :)

creativeinc lm profile image

creativeinc lm 3 years ago

I miss the jam sessions of the 80's when friends arrange a party with juice and bubble gum, 80's music, dancing and all the lights in the house switched off!

lifeloveliving 3 years ago

proud to be a child of the 80s! fun lens

EMangl profile image

EMangl 3 years ago

Sade & Frankie goes the Hollywood are my favorites of this time

aquarian_insight 3 years ago

Fabulous lens - the 80's are definitely my happy place so I thoroughly enjoyed this! Think I'll be watching a John Hughes movie tonight. Thanks!

TheFashionAdvisor profile image

TheFashionAdvisor 3 years ago

I think more than anything I love the music of the 80's most. Its the birth of hip hop, electronica, and in the obscure clubs of Detroit and Chicago, house and techno were coming into their own. More than any decade, I think the 80's has shaped modern pop culture including music, film, art, and fashion.

AnnArborRealEstate 3 years ago

as an 80s baby, this is fantastic!

nigel7725 profile image

nigel7725 3 years ago

I especially like the 80's music.

skefflingecho profile image

skefflingecho 3 years ago from Tobermory Ontario

Hilarious trip down memory lane!

TransplantedSoul profile image

TransplantedSoul 3 years ago

Its great to see these classics listed like this. It is so easy to forget unless we have a reminder of hte great stuff.

Julia Morais profile image

Julia Morais 3 years ago

Awesome lens. I especially loved the Cosby Show bloopers.

kjbranch77 profile image

kjbranch77 3 years ago

This is now one of favorite lens of all time haha

maboles profile image

maboles 3 years ago

awesome lens! brings back memories!!!

JZinoBodyArt 3 years ago

lol cute lens, I love the family portrait!

Close2Art LM profile image

Close2Art LM 3 years ago

I had one of those zipper jackets when I was about ten, funny that picture brought back some great memories, the whole page did...not much you left out from the 80's main pop scene....:)rob

Paula7928 3 years ago

Great lens! I remember the 80s well!

goo2eyes lm profile image

goo2eyes lm 3 years ago

nice lens. nostalgic era. please turn back the hands of time.

lilymom24 profile image

lilymom24 3 years ago

This is a great lens. And yeah, I had the big head, shoulder pads, parachute pants, etc.. lol. Loved the music and I torture my kids with stories about how great the 80's were. lol

luckyone924 3 years ago

Great lens! The 80's were great.

PearlHowie profile image

PearlHowie 3 years ago

Loving the look of the lens - Holding Out For A Hero will always do it for me.

jdwheeler profile image

jdwheeler 3 years ago

The videos on this page are what really tells the story. Breakdancing? Is there anything more awesomer?

beckyf profile image

beckyf 3 years ago

Wonderful lens, and trip down memory lane!

anonymous 3 years ago

Being a kid from the 80's and seeing this lens really brought back the nostalgia. Loved it!

fullofshoes profile image

fullofshoes 3 years ago

My kids were born in the 80's.... brings back lots of memories. My son was only a toddler when he took up playing air guitar :) It was a fun time.

dvdmoviereviews profile image

dvdmoviereviews 3 years ago

loved the 80's best time of my life.

Rantsand profile image

Rantsand 3 years ago

Ah yes, the sounds of the 80's. :-) So many of these were my favorites back in the day. Miami Vice always featured a popular song. If it was on the radio, chances are you would hear it on Miami Vice.

Leilani-m profile image

Leilani-m 3 years ago

Great lens! I love the 89s, it was such fun time :)

love4randomness1 profile image

love4randomness1 3 years ago

Cool lens! I'm an 80's baby so Squid-liked!

Mary Crowther profile image

Mary Crowther 3 years ago from Havre de Grace Level 2 Commenter

Best decade, love the 80's! Excellent lens!

Bill Armstrong profile image

Bill Armstrong 3 years ago from Valencia, California Level 1 Commenter

Love the eighties and love the lens

anonymous 3 years ago

NIce lens. I loved the 80's.

Pmona LM profile image

Pmona LM 3 years ago

An eighties party would be so much fun!

Dianne Loomos profile image

Dianne Loomos 3 years ago

Miami Vice, I had forgotten about that show!

OhMe profile image

OhMe 3 years ago from Pendleton, SC Level 5 Commenter

Our son and his friends had an 80's party and used Light Brights around the room with sayings on them

waterlily78 profile image

waterlily78 3 years ago

This is great, I DO remember the 80s... I was a kid then, so these songs all bring back some memories!

sousababy profile image

sousababy 3 years ago

Ha, oh the 80's - the big hair and the fashions, nothing else like it. Thanks for the memories of my highschool years!

nursecraft 3 years ago

I couldn't pick what I enjoyed most from the 80's-the music, the fashion, the movies, but the decade definitely left an impression! Great lens, much enjoyed!

sarahrk lm profile image

sarahrk lm 3 years ago

Great lens. I loved the 80s, loved the music, the fashions, the movies, the entertainment. Take me back there.

rangiiria profile image

rangiiria 3 years ago

Most of the songs I remember.

DANCING COWGIRL profile image

DANCING COWGIRL 3 years ago from Texas Level 3 Commenter

You certainly nailed this! The 80's were great....even the hair. ~Blessed~

redleafloans 3 years ago

Wow! I love the 80s!...:)

Sureep 3 years ago

wouw Guns and Roses is my favorite Bands

aviwolfson profile image

aviwolfson 3 years ago from Massachusetts

I wish I lived during the 80's. It was truly the best of times.

durham profile image

durham 3 years ago

Boys don't cry from the Cure, and a fantastic lens.

SecondHandJoe LM profile image

SecondHandJoe LM 3 years ago

I tried to revisit the eighties thru your lens-Great Lens. . . but NO! Thanks.

lilblackdress lm profile image

lilblackdress lm 3 years ago

This is a rockin lens! Love it!

girlfriendfactory profile image

girlfriendfactory 3 years ago

Oh, some days I miss the 80s, except for the teasing of the hair, the hairspray, the makeup, wearing 3 shirts with the collars sticking straight up, the gaudy plastic jewelry and NEW Coke! The music was terrific and the movies were great (not too many fake effects back then) ~ but then, when you're a teenager, everything is great!

My favorite movie is a toss up: Valley Girl (1983) or A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) and music runs the gamut from New Order, The Cure, The Smiths/Morrissey, Madonna, Run DMC, Fresh Prince & DJ Jazzy Jeff (now Will Smith, who I still love), Duran Duran, Howard Jones, on and on and on.

Nice job on this! :) Thanks for taking me back! Guess I can skip that reunion now!

mowug1776 profile image

mowug1776 3 years ago

interesting lens

writergrey profile image

writergrey 3 years ago

What fun! Old Moonlighting episodes show of the (funny, um, fun) '80s fashions.

BusyMOM LM profile image

BusyMOM LM 3 years ago

thoroughly enjoyed this lens! Loved the "rocker look" show casing Poison. Way back in the day, I worked on a couple of their music videos. (as a costumer!) :)

daftrude 3 years ago

Great Lens!

anonymous 3 years ago


gosssysas 3 years ago

vety nice lens

nickirc lm profile image

nickirc lm 3 years ago

Wow memory lane! thanks great lens.

jeremykim2011 3 years ago

I love the 80's. Madonna, Bobby Brown...

MillBucks profile image

MillBucks 3 years ago

Love the 80's era.....that was when music was real! Thanks for taking us back!

steveko profile image

steveko 3 years ago

Awesome lens, thoroughly enjoyed it.

TrevorLedford profile image

TrevorLedford 3 years ago

Wonderful lens on one of the best decades ever!

BeautyBagsEtc 3 years ago

Very nice lens. Loved it. As for the fashion its all back in now anyway. Lol.

jimmyworldstar 3 years ago

I remember the 80s, so many love ballads and shiny clothes and spandex! I listened to a lot of Michael Jackson during those days, still do!

vkumar05 profile image

vkumar05 3 years ago

Very nice collection. Great Lens.

DanielleRose 3 years ago

Nice lens. Probably the last era when pop music was good :P

Shorebirdie profile image

Shorebirdie 3 years ago from San Diego, CA Level 1 Commenter

Oh wow, that hair! What were we thinking?!

mymusic1234 lm profile image

mymusic1234 lm 3 years ago from Australia

Ahh the memories....

Edutopia 3 years ago

Nice collection of 80s stuff. Now it just needs a patine of cocaine dust on everything to really put on the finishing touches.

dustintrentin 2 years ago

Nice lens, thanks.

AlphaChic profile image

AlphaChic 2 years ago

My favorite movie from the 80s: definitely The Empire Strikes Back. I am a Star Wars junkie.

DatDudeMtl profile image

DatDudeMtl 2 years ago


great lense gatta luv the 80's!

awesomedealz4u profile image

awesomedealz4u 2 years ago

Awesome lens!

Thailandinfo 2 years ago

Who could forget the 80s!

CanterPR 2 years ago

Thanks for the trip down memory lane. It was a blast!

MartieG profile image

MartieG 2 years ago from Jersey Shore Level 3 Commenter

Ahhhh-the eighties! Good lens!

MelonyVaughan profile image

MelonyVaughan 2 years ago

This lens brought back a lot of fond memories! I'm not sure I miss the shoulder pads or the huge hair, but the culture and music were unmatched!

glodny profile image

glodny 2 years ago

Good ol' eighties

SquidooRocks55 profile image

SquidooRocks55 2 years ago

Oh man, Big Hair, parachute pants, Michael Jackson, Miami Vice. Those were the days!

alexaa7x profile image

alexaa7x 2 years ago

can't say how much i wish the 80s would come back!

CodeBotics profile image

CodeBotics 2 years ago

Great lens!

7thStone 2 years ago

Loved the music ... not so keen on the look! I definitely fall into the alternative music category. Fun lens, thanks for posting!

EDawg408 LM profile image

EDawg408 LM 2 years ago

Absolutely love the 80's! It was such a great time for music, movies, and pop culture. Excellent lens!

thomanna 2 years ago

I love this lense! I was born Jan. of 1982, so I only remember the tail end of the 80's, but what I remember I love because it was early child hood. All of my babysitters dressed like Madonna and smelled like Grape Bubblegum and Aqua Net hair spray. Love the music and cartoons too. By the power of Grey Skull!

AG 1984 profile image

AG 1984 2 years ago

I just love this lens!!

inspirationz 2 years ago

This lens really takes you back.. :)

Oneshotvariety LM profile image

Oneshotvariety LM 2 years ago

Thanks for the awesome lens. I miss the 80's...

anonymous 2 years ago

high five... nice collection of the 80s songs :)

aesta1 profile image

aesta1 2 years ago from Ontario, Canada Level 5 Commenter

I think I just stayed in the 60's. Enjoyed the nostalgia.

anonymous 2 years ago

love the 80 s music...clothes ,not really.

Annette_corie 2 years ago

Eighties Party are the most good think and i like do party every day and it is very good one

jenisays 2 years ago

So needed the eighties this morning...just to go back to a time when things were just right! Thanks!

LaraineRoses profile image

LaraineRoses 2 years ago from Lake Country, B.C.

I started living in the 60's and every 10 years it just got better! Loved the 80's. Loved this lens! Blessings

bill-beaman2 2 years ago

fun lens about the 80s. The 80s were good and bad but way better than the 90s. The DIY days of music (college/alternative) was some of the best times I had ever had. Great music and a great group of people. More lens like this, please.

jregins2 lm profile image

jregins2 lm 2 years ago

Nice lens and without a doubt musically the 80's was the best in my lifetime. Pop,Rock & Rap were far better in that decade as opposed to this millenium.

DMVAgent 2 years ago

this is the lens of a remarkable and very likable Music Fashion and Movies of the 80's :)) great job!

FastFistCity profile image

FastFistCity 2 years ago

The 80s bad hair, bad clothes and good times. I was a breaker in 1979 learning the art at the big fountain in Central park, NY City. And I though we were the first to create break dancing till 15 years later I watches a program on PBS about club dancing history in late 1960s they were break dancing in clubs with suites, shoes on the men and dress and high heels on the women blew me away.

mariaamoroso profile image

mariaamoroso 2 years ago from Sweden

Amazing how much I do remember. Can hardly take in that it is 40 years ago!

tipsy8882 2 years ago

The 80s are and will always remain my youth years. I still love wearing some 80's style clothes from time to time.

oomiloo-clothing profile image

oomiloo-clothing 2 years ago

Great info

CraftyandClever profile image

CraftyandClever 2 years ago from everywhere but mostly Cali

love the 80s because of the movies music and fashion

GazzaP 2 years ago

You had to live the 80s to truly understand it. The economy was up, everyone had money and a job, the music was fun and upbeat and it didn't matter if you could sing or play an instrument. The new wave of electronic music meant that anyone could join in. Movies were fun and about entertainment and humor. In short, there were less worries and life was easier. I wish my kids had that.

kabbalah lm profile image

kabbalah lm 2 years ago

I had great times in the 80's

chickie99 24 months ago

GO 80's!!

ukprowriter profile image

ukprowriter 23 months ago

If only I could turn back time. Great lens

anonymous 22 months ago

Great Lens, thanks for sharing

waynekat profile image

waynekat 21 months ago

In 1980, I was 17. It was a ride I will never forget. :) Awesome job here. Thanks for the walk down memory lane.

Minoru10 profile image

Minoru10 17 months ago from Honolulu, Hawaii

I miss the 80's !!!! Great lens !!!

Vantype profile image

Vantype 10 months ago

You have lots of 80's stuff here! Like it. I'm going to see if I can find some of those 80's songs.

David3142 profile image

David3142 7 months ago Level 1 Commenter

I love the 80's. I'm listening to a bi of A-ha while reading this. Good times.

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